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A-STAR Programming:

App development based on VBA, Excel, MS Office.

Creation of management accounting systems based on: Excel, Excel + Access, .NET Framework/MS SQL, PHP/MySQL

Programming of user apps in .NET

Atypical tasks solutions based on MS Office.

Assistance in business automation.

Details of the tasks

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App development based on VBA, Excel, MS Office

We carry out any tasks in Excel to automate data and any kind of information:

  • formulas and macros of any complexity;

  • creating various reports;

  • apps in Excel with screens;

  • web scraping (parsing);

  • automation of notifications via Outlook or Yandex.Mail;

  • consolidation and processing of reports, data sets (any file formats), price lists, price list calculators, data unloading from 1C etc.;

  • automation of processes on VBA in MS Office using macros and program code;

  • Google Docs, Google Apps Script. Site parsing (reading information from Internet sites).

Сreation of management accounting systems based on:

Excel, Excel + Access, .NET Framework/MS SQL, PHP/MySQL

  • short terms of building a system – from 1 to 2 months;

  • big database for the system;
  • ability to input and output data via tablet or cell phone;
  • diverse and comprehensive range of tasks – forms of data entry, case-by-case analysis, economics and finance, printing of invoices and documents, flexible reporting system, graphs and charts, data records from 1C etc.;
  • all information is stored in one executable file, in files on the user's computer, in the server or in the cloud data storage;
  • multi-user opportunity Excel + Access, .NET Framework, PHP.

Atypical tasks solutions based on MS Office.

  • description of business processes MS Visio;

  • creating presentations in PowerPoint and Excel, including in automatic mode;
  • mass printing of documents in Word;
  • unloading processing, creating data tables, graphs and charts, validation of information, replication of the same type of reports;
  •  carrying out atypical tasks.

Programming of user apps in .NET

We create various kinds of user software  in the Windows user environment in the VB .NET, С# – .NET Framework, PHP programming languages.

We automate management and accounting processes in organizations by writing MySql, MS SQL, Oracle database. Improvements of Access databases. Writing of a screen app on VB.Net/C# and connecting to a database on Access or MySQL as a separate module.

We can execute programs based on mathematical calculations, including using methods and techniques of parallel programming, and based on a large data selection. 

We carry out programs for construction and development of databases of small and medium-sized companies.

Assistance in business automation

  • search and analysis of weaknesses in management accounting and business processes of the organization;

  • clear and competent writing of requirements list;
  • application programming;
  • accompanying support, consultation


What's so different about us?

Experience in app development since 2005

No prepayment before the first result (or part of the program)

Additionally, we have financial and economic education (mathematics)

More than 900 successfully completed tasks and projects – (including 500 tasks within 3 organizations)

Reasonable prices

Requirements list is written by the contractor

We provide customer support after the end of the project 24/7


Последовательность выполнения заказа



Description and definition of the task by the customer. A call to A-STAR, a brief goal setting to the contractor. Consideration of terms of cooperation. Coordination of time with the customer to discuss requirements list.



By phone, e-mail, including using a program for working with the computer’s remote desktop. Determining the cost of work.




By e-mail. In case of small tasks, the deadlines are one week. Big projects - up to 2 months.

Payment: PayPal.



Since 2005 the list of our customers has become quite significant, there are both private individuals who needed to fulfill a certain range of small tasks, and small enterprises of a wide profile, production enterprises. The total list of customers is more than 300.  


Saint-Petersburg/Moscow RU

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